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Road maintenance and Traffic management as a responsibility.

Start Date: 16-07-2019
End Date: 01-07-2022

Road maintenance and Traffic management as a responsibility. ...

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Road maintenance and Traffic management as a responsibility.

Road connectivity makes a crucial contribution to the growth of the state and its economic and social development. Almost every passenger, commercial and industrial transports are carried out through roads in Arunachal Pradesh. The increase in the private vehicle ownership and urban transports has led to overburdening of roads not only in Itanagar and Naharlagun but all major cities of the country. This exaggeration of road promptly reduce the quality of roads, and most of the expenditure is spent on the maintenance of roads every year rather than expansion of the roads. The variations in weather and climate also make it extremely difficult to control the quality of roads in the state.

The roads in urban towns are exceedingly congested due to heavy traffic caused by private, commercial and government vehicles. Traffic issues in the state capital and Naharlagun town areas have turned into a huge menace for the commuters. It has turned into a harsh cliché where bad roads create traffic issues, and the traffic ceases any scope for the development of new roads. The daily struggle and effort of dodging traffic, pollution and rash drivers may cause chronic stress and many physiological problems. Traffic not only creates congestion issues, but it also gives rise to air pollution and sound pollution.

The capital administration and the citizens will have to work in tandem if the state wants to fight the traffic menace in the state capital and see any improvement in traffic and eventually in the lives of the citizens. But this might not be possible if the commuters continue to abuse the roads and break traffic rules. Maintaining traffic rule is a responsibility that should be followed by everyone including individual, commercial, private and government commuters.

MyGov Arunachal Pradesh seeks suggestions from the citizens on how the quality of the roads can be maintained and traffic issues can be managed by the administrations.

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Bhawna 11 months 4 weeks ago

In addition, local governments have land use planning responsibilities to control the nature of new development, access to road reserves, and prevention of illegal development. They also have roadside management responsibilities to control the unsafe effects of roadside activities. These powers often apply to national roads in LMICs.