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Start Date: 18-10-2022
End Date: 31-03-2023

Children are the future of the nation. Hence, it is imperative to protect and improve their ...

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Children are the future of the nation. Hence, it is imperative to protect and improve their
health. If access to healthcare and quality living is ensured, casualties related to children
could be massively mitigated.
Under the dynamic and visionary leadership of Honourable Chief Minister of Arunachal
Pradesh, Shri Pema Khandu, the Government of Arunachal Pradesh has come up with
several ground-breaking measures including grants for the treatment of special children at
the Child Care Institute and Juvenile-cum-Special Home in Pasighat, East Siang
The state government has been bolstering measures for child health, infant health, and
adolescent health to ensure a healthy upbringing of children through the PM Cares for
Children Scheme, a central government flagship programme, which is being implemented
in the state for the rehabilitation of Covid Orphaned Children.
Additional Child Protection Services Schemes in Arunachal:
-Juvenile Justice Board & Child Welfare Committee constituted in all 25 districts and 1 in
Capital Complex, Itanagar
-One Juvenile Observation cum Special Home at Pasighat, East Siang district
-Arunachal Pradesh Juvenile Justice Care & Protection of Children Rules, 2020 notified
-Arunachal Pradesh Guidelines for After-Care Programme 2020 notified
-Arunachal Pradesh guidelines for sponsorship of children 2021 notified
-12 registered Child Care Institutions functioning in the State with 177 children beneficiaries
In the above context, inviting citizens of Arunachal to provide feedback on the state
government's initiatives, as well as valuable suggestions on how can we improve and
enhance the quality of life for children.

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BrahmDevYadav 1 month 4 weeks ago

बच्चे जल्दी कैसे बोलते हैं?
1.बच्चों के साथ ज्यादा समय बिताएं, उन्हें बोलने के लिए ट्रेन करें।
2.बच्चों से बार-बार बात करने की कोशिश करें।
3.बच्चे जो शब्द बोलें उन्हें दोहराएं।
4.बच्चों के सामने तेज आवाज करके किताब पढ़ें।