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‘We The Voters’: Elections & Youth Participation

Start Date: 20-03-2019
End Date: 20-03-2020

Youth aspirations hold a strong promise of commitment towards comprehensive development, progress, harmony & opportunities for all. The youth are the primary ...

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‘We The Voters’: Elections & Youth Participation

Youth aspirations hold a strong promise of commitment towards comprehensive development, progress, harmony & opportunities for all. The youth are the primary visionaries in a world that is developing at a rapid pace. Not only do they think ‘out of the box’ but they also believe in holistic empowerment of a society. They bring forth ideas, recognize loopholes and strongly advocate for change that is not merely related to the current times but to the future at large. As such, their participation in major democratic events, especially an election, is crucial at various levels.

The largest democracy India is currently getting ready to welcome the 17th Lok Sabha General Elections, scheduled to be held in 7 phases across the country. Amidst much speculation, rhetoric and passionate discussion, this major event is an opportunity to celebrate the ethos of democracy through the power of participation as a voter. An opportunity that holds the possibility of ‘making a change’ through ‘active participation’, the upcoming election is especially a wonderful opportunity for ‘first-time voters’ to step beyond the threshold of ideology and actually play a decisive role.

With clarity, strong values and insight, the youth holds the capacity to make informed decisions and choose effectively and wisely. They are not hindered to step beyond limitations and walk towards their dreams and aspirations. As such, their voice is integral to the strengthening of democracy and the larger well being of society.

First time voting reflects its importance in the following ways
• Accountability
Equal Participation
• Responsible Citizenship
• Commitment To Collective Voice
Supporting That Which Matters

MyGov Arunachal Pradesh invites you to share your opinions about the role of youth participation in elections and the importance of being a voter.

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Bhawna 3 years 3 months ago

Electoral management bodies (EMBs) play a critical role when it comes to engaging youth in electoral processes. Traditionally, EMBs have aimed to increase turnout among youth through targeted campaigns for youth to register and vote. In recent years, these approaches have included the use of internet and social media. However, there is a need for EMBs to develop more sophisticated approaches and to consider alternative methods that will produce higher involvement among youth (IDEA 2015).

Bhawna 3 years 3 months ago

However, time and again, we have evidently noticed that young persons are often marginalized from formal political processes. Many are times we have evidenced that during General Elections, young people are merely used as voters. And a few who get lucky participate as electoral contestants and electoral administrators. Young people bring new visions and ideas to the political sphere. They are, therefore, key democratic stakeholders and should therefore be involved in political processes appropri

Bhawna 3 years 3 months ago

The Kenya National Youth Policy has also been designed to recognize the needs and concerns of young women and men and attempts to address issues affecting young people to enable them to reach their maximum potential[4]. Kenya´s National Youth Council as established through the National Youth Council Act in 2009 is mandated to co-ordinate youth organizations, design and continuously review the National Youth Policy

Bhawna 3 years 3 months ago

persons with disabilities, youth, ethnic and other minorities, and marginalized communities in Parliament. There is also a provision for young people in governing bodies. For example, Article 98 of the Constitution states that the composition of the Senate must include 47 members, two of which must represent the youth

Bhawna 3 years 3 months ago

Inclusive participation is a fundamental political and democratic right as highlighted in the Constitution of Kenya 2010. Article 55 of the Constitution elaborates on the rights of the youth and their contribution to national development. It places an obligation on the state to take measures, including affirmative action programmes to ensure that young people have access to education, training and opportunities for association, representation and participation in political, social,

Bhawna 3 years 3 months ago

The population of Kenya’s youth grows annually by an estimate of about 400,000[1]. Narrowing it down to the most recent General Elections that were held in Kenya in August 2017, by end of February 2017, we had a total of 19.6 million registered voters out of which 50.7% of that total was youth. That is, 9.9 million voters[2]. That is to say, young people in Kenya’s political landscape therefore represent the largest demographic unit and political constituency. And, effective participation of you

Bhawna 3 years 3 months ago

The Constitution of Kenya 2010 defines youth as any individual between 18 and 35 years in age. Equally, many of the country’s different youth development programmes have the same categorization. According to this categorization, youth constitute more than a third of the entire population, while nearly 80 per cent of Kenyans are less than 35 years old.

Sijna Jose 3 years 3 months ago

Increase voter turnout among young people with the help of mass media and information points; Ensure students' right to vote in the community where they live throughout their studies;Encourage youth involvement in mock decision-making processes to facilitate their understanding of democratic mechanisms.Voting may be seen as a civic right rather than a civic duty. The most often heard excuse for not voting in an election is "my one little vote won't make a difference."

Sandeep Shaw 3 years 4 months ago

The participation of youth in a Democratic country like India plays a key role for the development of the country. The youth have determination and vision to lead their country by electing their representative. Unlike the days in the past the youth of today's generation is well aware about development and keenly knew the work done by the representative. Therefore they have the power to change the government and this increases the competition among political party to establish better governance.

Mandar Das 3 years 4 months ago

There has been a substantial change in political view from the legacy age, thanks to the contribution coming from the younger generation of the society who are much more liberal in their thinking process.