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DIGITAL INDIA – Redesigning the Future

Start Date: 01-07-2019
End Date: 01-07-2022

DIGITAL INDIA – Redesigning the Future


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DIGITAL INDIA – Redesigning the Future

The Digital India initiative was launched by the Hon’ble PM of India, Shri Narendra Modi on July 1, 2015 with the aim to digitally empower the country and its people, improve infrastructure, introduce a better quality of life and raise India’s stature in the global scenario.

To emphasize upon the core 3 areas of the DIGITAL INDIA programme i.e Digital Infrastructure | Digital Literacy | Digital Delivery of Services, various projects and initiatives have been launched across various states. Some of these include, Digi Locker, e-hospital, National Scholarship Portal (NSP), BharatNet, Wi-Fi Hotspots, Digital Identity (Aadhar Card), Digital Transaction (BHIM App) et al.
Digital India emphasizes on 9 key areas to fulfill the objective of designing India’s “digital” future.

1. Broadband Highways
2. Universal Access to Mobile Connectivity
3. Public Internet Access Programme
4. eGovernance
5. eKranti (Electronic Delivery of Services)
6. Information for All
7. Electronic Manufacturing
8. IT for Jobs
9. Early Harvest Programmes

Digital India is particularly keen to transform the rural and remote sections of our country by introducing high speed internet connectivity, knowledge and skill level and by bridging the gap between government and citizens. In the state of Arunachal Pradesh, the government has dedicatedly tried to bridge the connectivity gap and improve the socio-economic growth by ensuring effective e-governance, digitization of various government services, connecting rural areas with high speed internet connectivity. Some of the important IT initiatives under Digital India in the state include:

• CM Dashboard
• E-Office at Arunachal Pradesh Civil Secretariat
• Arunachal eService under NIC service Plus Platform
• National Scholarship Portal (NSP)
• Free Wi-Fi Hotspot in Akashdeep & Ganga Market, Itanagar, DC Office & Market Area, Kanubari, Longding, DC Office & Market Area, Tawang, ADC Office & Market Area, Dirang, West Kameng.
• e-ILP
• e-HRMS
• e-education
• Digital Locker
• Jeevan Pramaan
• Websites for Government Departments

As technology continues evolving, it also continues to impact numerous aspects of our life. While the digital revolution is one thing that is taking the world by storm, it is the power of connectivity that is making more and more people align towards this shift. From e-governance to e-commerce, digital connectivity is empowering the way we think, feel and act.
MyGov Arunachal Pradesh invites citizens to share their views on how digitization has been transformational in their lives and share suggestions on how to strengthen the DIGITAL ARUNACHAL initiative.

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SUTHAHAR P 7 months 2 weeks ago

The Digital India program with its focus on three key vision areas –
infrastructure as a utility to every citizen, governance and services on demand and digital
empowerment of citizens – has the potential to provide an incremental 20-30% increase in India’s GDP by 2025. Since its launch in July 2015, significant progress has been made in several initiatives under Digital India. However, a few challenges that remain, need to be addressed in order to realize the full potential of the program.


SUTHAHAR P 7 months 2 weeks ago

India’s digital surge is well under way on the consumer side,
even as its businesses show uneven adoption and a gap
opens between digital leaders and other firms. This report
examines the opportunities for India’s future digital growth
and the challenges that will need to be managed as it
continues to embrace the digital economy.


Dr Brindha Devi V 7 months 2 weeks ago

provide internet access to all places.
Get statistical on no.of users having smartphones...
educate everyone to use mobile phones for paying E-bills, bank transactions... after a period of time make it compulsory all purchase should be done digitally


Jayanta Topadar 9 months 1 week ago

Today's Bharat is digitally advancing towards an era of actually active participation of the stakeholders of National Regeneration based on strengthening & consolidation of the social development and human-to-human'sampark' with a ''dhyeya' of 'rashtranirman & 'management kalyan'. This a new beginning & we all must be aware and update ourselves with the IT sector and contribute to the progress of the nation and highlight the technological miscellany of Bharat Mata!Let's go digital!!!


Alok Sahoo 1 year 6 months ago

Internet connectivity in Arunachal should be given more focus.As it is a hilly & forest area, network issue is common. So more focus should be there on it to solve it permanently & give citizen the access to High Speed Internet. Moreover a special dedicated site must be made functional where all citizen centric activities going on in India should be vigilant & people from north east all can give suggestions & participate & can know a lot of things & simultaneously can advice their govt.


Gagan kaur 1 year 8 months ago

भविष्य हमारा डिजिटल ही है और डिजिटल ही होंगे हमारे सारे काम धीरे धीरे स्वस्थ भी डिजिटल हो रहा है जो मेडिकल साइंस के लिए वरदान बन रहा है आम जन तक वह जानकारी मिल रही है जिस को ढूढने के लिए एक्सपर्ट की जरूरत होती थी आज के डीजी युग मे बैंक हमारे मोबाइल बन गए है और समझदार भी