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Measures for Clean Rivers in Arunachal Pradesh

Measures for Clean Rivers in Arunachal Pradesh ...

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Measures for Clean Rivers in Arunachal Pradesh

We have a fixed amount of water on earth in the form of solid, liquid and gas. Therefore, the sources of clean water for drinking and other purposes are limited too. These water resources are getting polluted due to everyday human-related factors. Most measures for the clean river are not working fully due to presence from the grassroots level of various pollutant factors that are social, religious, cultural and industrial. Social and religious practices like dumping dead bodies in the water, bathing, throwing waste in the water should be ceased in drinkable water resources like rivers, sea, oceans etc.

Additionally, by using environment-friendly products that do not go on to become pollutants, we can reduce the amount of water pollution caused by a household. Self-cleaning of beverage bottles, disposals and other wastes from the water bodies like streams, rivers and sea etc. after picnics and other merrymaking events should also be monitored and maintained. Water wastage is a major problem globally so we should start by saving water from our homes.

Through small changes in saving water domestically, we can make a huge difference. Conserving water should be one of our main objectives to save nature. Let’s not ignore this aspect of our lives anymore.

MyGov Arunachal supplicates for suggestions on various measures that can be undertaken to maintain clean river in the state.

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Mandar Das 12 hours 58 sec ago

Below are some of the steps that can be followed:

1) It is the responsibility of each and every individual person to maintain cleanliness and will only come through one's self awareness,
2) Avoid throwing garbage into river waters,
3) Adopt regular cleaning practice across the river banks by concerned local Govt. body,
4) Ensuring industrial wastes are not seeped into the river channel causing it to pollute.

Ramakrishna Lakshmanan 1 month 3 weeks ago

Multi-pronged approach is needed to address this issue. Awareness among citizens need to be created about the importance of clean rivers and other environmental issues. Awareness camps shall be held across the state to create awareness among citizens. Stringent laws shall be enacted and strictly implemented against those who willfully violate laws leading to polluting of rivers. Frequent drives for cleaning river beds and shores involving citizens to volunteer shall help in creating awareness.

BISWANATH PANDA 2 months 1 week ago

Dear sir
Water based or recycle based work activity are very usefull. Like set-up turbine for produce own electricity. The cleanlyness is most important. It affect health. For this restoring of rainwater & bliched based drinking water is the good step. The economic structure is supported by farmers. The large no. Of water supplying is give some fund in returns. The good governance built is the result of humanity. The evelopment of state is support to governance.