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Responsible Tourism and Maintenance of Tourist Attractions

The importance of the tourism industry is manifold. It provides an avenue for leisure and business, besides opening up a diverse range of possibilities for both travelers and local ...

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The importance of the tourism industry is manifold. It provides an avenue for leisure and business, besides opening up a diverse range of possibilities for both travelers and local residents. From witnessing a place’s grandeur and its history to working for one’s passions to pursuing one’s interests to earning a livelihood through various activities, tourism presents itself as an important industry in several ways. Tourist attractions are landmarks of historical, cultural and environmental significance. These landmarks are a reminder of a place’s heritage or its natural beauty. While we all cherish and love to experience this, often we forget to treat these places with respect and contribute towards their maintenance.

It need not be emphasized that activities such as scratching or writing names on monument walls and on trees, indiscriminate and reckless disposal of plastic and other waste, public urination and spitting not only reduce the beauty of a place but also adds a certain shabbiness to the place; and this is prominently visible across the many popular tourist sites of our country.

It is important that we recognize these places as our own and not limit ourselves to being a ‘visitor’ alone. Responsible tourism has become an urgent need, especially since much damage has already been done. Our behavior should not destroy the beauty and sanctity of any place but rather add to it. When we acknowledge responsibility and join the efforts that are being made to repair and preserve, we make a positive impact towards minimizing damage and expanding the lifespan of our planet and the continuation of its ecological, cultural, historical & anthropological beauty.

MyGov Arunachal Pradesh invites you to share your ideas about responsible tourism and what are some of the things that can be undertaken for encouraging responsible behavior at a personal and public level.

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Susan Rao 2 weeks 1 hour ago

I think now its the Modi ji government please try to do the most important things for the people and avoid scammers and also we need safety. Maintenance is very important for the tourist.

susanta kumar pattnaik 2 weeks 1 day ago

First of all allocation of rural tourism destination and its care,revival of hidden tourism spots,helicaptor taxi to promote,caring high to urban tourism design,tourism maps App and activate the destination with the help of media are bare necessities.Tourism unites people and promotes . tourism plays vital role in promotion of educational and informational value and should be taken care though it has excellence in promotion of social and economic opportunities wide.Tourism place should be clean.

BISWANATH PANDA 3 weeks 1 day ago

Dear sir
Tourism is the basic things of packets. In India devotional places are FAMOUS FOR TOURISM. ENLARGING OF ADHYATMIK LIFE IN A PESON OR IN UNION OF PUBLIC LEVEL.





Tapang Tamut 1 month 6 days ago

The idea of responsible tourism is that when tour operators, hotels, government, locals, and tourists
all take responsibility for ensuring travel is sustainable.

Santanu Datta 1 month 2 weeks ago

My five points suggestion for responsible tourism. 1. Tourist or regular should always keep at least 1 km. away from the spot.This distance should be covered by walking, if not possible by physical reason then hand carrying system may be used. 2.No food arrangement should not be there except water. 3. Photography should not be allowed within 1 km. 4.Number of tourists should be restricted per day. 5.Natural environment should not be disturbed in the name of beauty.