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Volunteering, Internship and Youth Development

Start Date: 30-03-2019
End Date: 22-03-2022

Volunteering and Internship are great ways to enhance learning and encourage positive youth engagement and participation, as well as increase awareness and support for the youth. ...

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Volunteering and Internship are great ways to enhance learning and encourage positive youth engagement and participation, as well as increase awareness and support for the youth. While academic training supports an individual’s overall development, engaging with activities related to one’s field of interest or specialization paves the way for the young minds to learn about the practical aspects of the world, besides developing their skills, sharpening their awareness and instilling a sense of responsibility and wider awareness in them. It also provides them with the opportunity to interact with other like-minded youth, participate in community workshops and have a unique experience. During vacations and post completion of studies, students have ample amount of time that can be used to pursue either of these.

Youth volunteers are a strong force who can usher in a positive impact through their ideas, vision and contribution, and being engaged with a specific cause helps them in reinforcing a purpose and working towards making the world a positive place. Wildlife, nature conservation, eco-friendly ventures, sports, health, community awareness building through arts and culture, and social transformation through services like spending time with the elderly, helping young minds at orphanages experience something new through a planned learning experience are some of the areas that offer good volunteering experiences.

Internship, on the other hand, is a great way to develop a professional sharpness. Not only does it bring exposure to significant aspects of the professional experience but it also helps in sharpening their instinct about the world at large. When working on projects that require focused thinking, dedicated efforts and enthusiastic participation, one is exposed to a reinforcement of ideas and beliefs beyond the ideological understanding. Additionally, being in the midst of experienced individuals in a certain ambiance also offers the chance for personality grooming, formal interaction, and strengthens an individual’s performing abilities.

There are many organizations in India that offer interesting and valuable volunteering and internship opportunities for the youth such as AIESEC, CRY etc. Even within the North East, there are several organizations that offer good opportunities for both volunteering and internship. A well planned and detailed internet search will bring up several names.

MyGov Arunachal Pradesh invites you to share your thoughts about volunteering, internship and youth empowerment.

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Dr Brindha Devi V 1 month 1 week ago

Make Industry -institute interaction compulsory.
Industry should give requirements -like how the students become an employee in their organisation

what type of skill is required ? Where should they have to get trained ?

industries should provide internship to should be made compulsory for each organisation to fix a limit on provide internship


Alok Sahoo 1 year 1 week ago

A proper dedicated internet/online portal must be created for internships & Volunteers & all openings related to that; may be in company, govt agency, international bodies should be displayed in that with special focus on requirements of qualifications needed. Various sell paced online courses, which r important for current Scenerio should be put up for the youths. Facilities for online training & interview should be made in that portal for the youths & citizens in common.


T.H Maitai 1 year 2 weeks ago

साथी हाथ बड़ा ना एक अकेला थक जाएगा
Let's help one another to rooted out the covid-19.


Bhawna 1 year 5 months ago

While in Kenya, YYC NER delivered radio programming promoting peace and reconciliation, reaching over 1 million youth. But Ying believes that most of the peace-building was accomplished through the bunges, which fostered democratic ideals and brought together young people from different clans.

“The bunges allowed many young people to have a voice in their community for the first time,” says Ying. “That civic engagement is incredibly powerful for them—and for society.”


Bhawna 1 year 5 months ago

Build peace
Training more than 4,000 Malian youth on conflict resolution produced real, immediate results. According to Atta-Krah, one village chief credited PAJE-Nièta with helping his community confront “old and very deep” internal conflicts. And a U.S. government-funded study also found that the project’s civic and economic activities empowered youth and led to “reduced vulnerability to radical narratives and the lure of extremist recruitment.”


Bhawna 1 year 5 months ago

“In order to ensure buy-in, and in order to ensure that the youth maintained their interest in the project, we made sure all activities went through existing youth associations,” she says.


Bhawna 1 year 5 months ago

Bringing professional technical trainers to the villages allowed better, closer training and monitoring of youth beneficiaries, while it maximized the amount of time the youth spent in their villages.

Atta-Krah also says that the program developed partnerships with existing local businesses—such as local entrepreneurs and microfinance institutions—to further help youth launch their microenterprises.


Bhawna 1 year 5 months ago

Stay local
In Mali, an early assessment found that youth would prefer to stay in their villages if they could earn a living there—a finding that influenced the way the PAJE-Nièta program was developed.


Bhawna 1 year 5 months ago

In response, the project team modified the rollout of training programs to better link basic education and entrepreneurship in the second and third cohorts, and the drop-out rate plummeted. In all, the project trained over 10,000 youth.