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‘We The Voters’: Elections & Youth Participation

Youth aspirations hold a strong promise of commitment towards comprehensive development, progress, harmony & opportunities for all. The youth are the primary ...

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Youth aspirations hold a strong promise of commitment towards comprehensive development, progress, harmony & opportunities for all. The youth are the primary visionaries in a world that is developing at a rapid pace. Not only do they think ‘out of the box’ but they also believe in holistic empowerment of a society. They bring forth ideas, recognize loopholes and strongly advocate for change that is not merely related to the current times but to the future at large. As such, their participation in major democratic events, especially an election, is crucial at various levels.

The largest democracy India is currently getting ready to welcome the 17th Lok Sabha General Elections, scheduled to be held in 7 phases across the country. Amidst much speculation, rhetoric and passionate discussion, this major event is an opportunity to celebrate the ethos of democracy through the power of participation as a voter. An opportunity that holds the possibility of ‘making a change’ through ‘active participation’, the upcoming election is especially a wonderful opportunity for ‘first-time voters’ to step beyond the threshold of ideology and actually play a decisive role.

With clarity, strong values and insight, the youth holds the capacity to make informed decisions and choose effectively and wisely. They are not hindered to step beyond limitations and walk towards their dreams and aspirations. As such, their voice is integral to the strengthening of democracy and the larger well being of society.

First time voting reflects its importance in the following ways
• Accountability
Equal Participation
• Responsible Citizenship
• Commitment To Collective Voice
Supporting That Which Matters

MyGov Arunachal Pradesh invites you to share your opinions about the role of youth participation in elections and the importance of being a voter.

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BISWANATH PANDA 3 weeks 1 day ago

Dear sir
One person have one costitutional area right to vote. This help to be a good voter.



Biswanath Panda


Gumli Ngomdir 2 months 3 weeks ago

In arunachal candidate give money and apong specialy MLA so i request my brother and sister dont take money and apong give vote for good leader because arunachal want develop. jai hind jai arunachal.

Toko T 2 months 3 weeks ago

Youth voters please vote to good candidate because he is develop our arunachal no money power, develop for poor villagers need work and coruption free goverment.

Yanam Saham 2 months 3 weeks ago

First time voters are some of the most importance citizens to show up on voting day as they represent the newest voices making their wishes in democracy.

Santanu Datta 2 months 4 weeks ago

First vote is like first offerings to the worship of democracy. Every new voter should cast their vote. This is the constitutional right and responsibility also.Single vote makes contribution in building nation.Long days struggle gives this right for casting vote. Every new voter should realise this.Your vote is your expression of thought,you need to express it.If you don't cast your vote you are not doing your duty to nation. So please cast our vote and inspire others to cast their votes.